The New Zealand Parole Board

The New Zealand Parole Board is responsible for the granting of parole to prisoners serving long term sentences (over 2 years) under the Parole Act 2002.

A prisoner can only be released on parole when the New Zealand Parole Board are satisfied on reasonable grounds that the offender, if released on parole, will not pose an undue risk to the safety of the community or any person or class of persons within the term of the sentence.

The New Zealand Parole Board will take into account the following when considering whether to release a prisoner on parole:

  • the support and supervision available to the offender following release ; and
  • the public interest in the reintegration of the offender into society as a law abiding citizen

The New Zealand Parole Board will also consider all the facts of the parole application including programmes undertaken in prison to reduce the risk of reoffending, the inability to access any programmes if assessed as a low risk of reoffending. They will also look at the criminal history of the prisoner, the sentencing remarks of the court when the sentence was imposed, the nature and circumstances of the offence for which the prisoner was sentenced and the risk assessment by the Department of Corrections.

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