Legal representation at parole hearings

We understand how parole works within the New Zealand legal system. With our knowledge of the parole system we are in a position to assist prisoners with legal representation before the New Zealand Parole Board. The value of having an advocate at the prisoner’s parole hearing can make a difference in ensuring that full information is presented to the Parole Board. Essential facts about the prisoner’s case are highlighted and brought to the attention of the Parole Board. We also ensure that the prisoner’s legal rights are adhered to.

Legal Aid

We will represent clients who have been deemed eligible for legal aid or have been granted legal aid through the Ministry of Justice.

To receive legal aid you must meet certain criteria as set out by the Ministry of Justice. Legal aid is not always free therefore you may be asked to make a contribution towards your legal fees.

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Alcohol and Drug Assessments

We can assist with any queries regarding Alcohol and Drug Assessments and refer you to an Alcohol and Drug Assessor in your area.

We are are more than happy to assist with any queries in regards to Alcohol and Drug Assessments.

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